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Prune When the Knife Is Sharp

“Prune when the knife is sharp” advises an old adage.  This is one old adage that doesn’t make sense for New Hampshire.  Oh, the pruning tools do need to be sharp.   Properly honed edges mean less work and smoother cuts.  But timing is important and the next 6 weeks offer the perfect pruning window for [...]

Some of my favorite things

As I browsed garden catalogs this past weekend I found myself looking at varieties I already know well.  In my opinion, flavor is the most important thing to consider when selecting fruit varieties.  Of course, here in New Hampshire we have to consider winter hardiness and disease resistance, but flavor is really the key.
I grew [...]

Warmer Weather Teases

The cool temperatures a couple of weeks ago have had me wondering what kind of peach crop we will have this year.
I cut some flower buds this past week – I just couldn’t wait for spring to tell the tale.  I cut buds in 3 different peach plantings on sites where temperatures had ranged down [...]

The days are getting longer…

“The days are getting longer” my father-in-law would quip this time of year. His voice was full of optimism as he eagerly awaited the warmth of spring. As the days get longer, I too am eager for the work of growing fruit to begin.

Pruning gives me an up-close look at our trees and a chance [...]

Vineyard Bluebirds

Robins ruled today.  A visit to orchards in Gilsum, Westmoreland and Walpole saw robins aplenty feeding on frozen fruit hanging in trees.   Wading through the knee deep snow was a chore, even with snowshoes, yet the robins seemed oblivious to our intrusion.

I was there to demonstrate proper pruning. Pruning in deep snow is challenging.  Not [...]