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Some Like It Hot

Temperatures soaring into the 90oF range have things moving fast in our orchards. It is funny how things seem to be dragging and then the race is on.  Apple buds have moved from half-inch green to pre-pink in just a few short, very warm days.

After a slow start, apple buds jumped in response to an [...]

Getting Going

The advent of warm weather has both orchard trees and pests stirring.  Most apple trees in southern areas of the state are at green tip while flower buds in the Great North Woods are still dormant or showing a silver tip, the first sign of spring wake-up.  The next rain event will likely bring a [...]

An Orchard Stirs

Our orchards are slowly coming to life – you can just feel it.  Grass on the orchard floor seems to get greener with every warmish day.  And apple buds are swelling – that 60oF heat yesterday has many orchards in the Hollis and Londonderry areas now showing a touch of green at the tips of [...]

Vines & Wines (& Ciders Too)

Young wine grape plantings were the focus of farm visits earlier this week.  Winter was not kind to those vines. There was significant winter damage to both canes and buds.  I was quite sure this would be the case.  Most wine grapes grown in New Hampshire are French hybrids, crosses of European Vinifera types [...]