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Green & Growing

Now that bloom is past, our small apples and peaches are in period of rapid growth.  The cool, wet weather of the past 2 days has slowed them down, but we needed the rain and fruits should really start to pop once the weather warms.
Scattered frosts last week hurt some orchards, killing flowers as temperatures [...]

After the Petals Fall

It is always a guessing game right after bloom.  If every flower sets a fruit, we will have so many apples they will be quite small and trees will groan under the crop load.  And they will bear few if any fruit next year.  If our apple trees set too few apples, we will not [...]

Orchards in Full Flower

What a a beautiful sight full bloom is.  Bees are busy buzzing from flower to flower, doing the necessary work of transferring pollen from the flowers of one variety to the flowers of a second.  The delicate, sweet smell of the blossoms is everywhere.

A native pollinator works an apple blossom in a Grafton County Orchard. [...]

Orchards In Bloom

I was talking with an apple grower from the southern part of the state Saturday and mentioned that I thought the recent heat was pushing bloom earlier than normal this year.  He wasn’t so sure it was all that early.  He noted that full bloom for his orchard almost always coincided with the second Sunday [...]