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Clearing Skies?

Rain and clouds have dominated over the past two weeks.  There have been a couple of breaks but those breaks have been rare and short-lived.
How are our fruit crops surviving all this lowery weather?
Surprisingly well!  We have a nice crop of apples, one that will size up well given the ample amounts of water available.  [...]

Sweet Strawberry Season

It is strawberry season! At long last, harvest is underway.
No, harvest is not later than normal this year; in fact, it is just about on time – but that first ripe strawberry for me is the first real proof that summer is indeed here. Of course, given the rain and gloom of the past [...]

June Drop

A sea of pinkish-white flowers, bees buzzing, then petal fall, then the wait – how many of those flowers will actually set apples.  If most of them set, the trees will never be able to handle the load.  If too few set, we will not meet market needs.
June drop.
We had great weather for setting fruit.  [...]