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Keeping Them Fresh

I just had to lead with a picture of this bin of HoneyCrisp apples on its way to storage. Photo: W.Lord

Do you want to preserve that just picked flavor and crispness of your apples as long as possible?
Of all the factors that affect how well apples keep that fresh-picked flavor and crispness, temperature [...]

Of Cider, Pies & More

Fresh pressed, sweet apple cider is a sure sign of autumn.  Most growers blend apples to achieve a cider flavor unique to their farm.  McIntosh and Cortland have long been important sweet cider blending apples, but Gala, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Paulared, and several other varieties now contribute their unique flavors the mix.  To keep that [...]

In the Heat of the Harvest

The fall apple harvest is on.  Many orchards are reporting that apples are ripe earlier than usual this year, likely the result of a summer that had weather that was at best odd.  But then again, we say that about the weather every year.  It reminds me of something my grandfather often said when I [...]