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Things Are Moving

The past week of warm weather sure changed the way things feel in the orchard.  Plum flower buds at the University of New Hampshire Horticulture Farm are already showing green.  Cooler weather this week will will likely put the brakes on things, but wow, spring is bursting out.
Strawberry fields are still mulched with straw, and [...]

Fickle Spring

Oh, how fickle the spring can be.  First a tease of warmth, then a cold slap in the face just to remind one that summer is months away.
The melting snow has revealed some unwanted changes.  Voles under the protective cover of snow took advantage of missing or broken guards to sate their appetites for the [...]

A Breath of Spring!

What a great last week!  Temperatures have been mild, snow has been fading gradually away, and the promise of full crops of peaches and blueberries has me smiling.  Of course, there is a lot of winter ahead, but one can dream, right?
I have been out pruning with blueberry and apple growers almost daily over the [...]