NH Fruit Grower's Association

The New Hampshire Fruit Growers Association is an organization of about 40 farmers who all share a passion for growing good fruit and grow New Hampshire apples with care for local customers. There is an orchard within easy reach no matter where you live or play in our beautiful state, from the seacoast to the Merrimack and Connecticut River valleys to the Great North Woods.

Our mission is to promote the New Hampshire fruit industry through grower education on the most up-to-date crop and pest management techniques available. We hope this will allow us to continue to grow the highest quality apples, peaches and other fruit consumers can buy, help maintain an industry important to New Hampshire's overall economy, and help maintain the rural character of our landscape for all citizens to enjoy.

Our growers are a diverse lot. Some have many acres of New Hampshire apples and sell fruit in the wholesale markets, fruit that often ends up in your local supermarket. Others are smaller, growing just enough fruit to satisfy the demands of their local pick your own and roadside stand customers. The one thing they all share, though, is a love of growing apples and other fruits.

New Hampshire apples are an important part of our history, our present, and our future. We hope you support our members, growing quality fruit locally for you.

I think probably everyone has heard the phrase “Buy Local” recently. Why is this movement gaining strength? How does it affect the quality and the nutritional value of the produce that I purchase? Here are some answers.

Buying locally grown fruit simply means sourcing your fruits from farmers who grew it as close to your home as possible. This means your fruit will be fresher and more nutritious because it is harvested at its peak of maturity, it also means you are supporting a local farmer and keeping your produce dollars working in your local economy instead of one thousands of miles away! This also means you can get to know personally the farmer who grew the fruit, ask him or her questions, and know that it was grown in a way that was environmentally sustainable and healthy for you! The Benefits of buying local go on and on! It really is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

When are New Hampshire grown tree fruits ready for harvest?

Sweet and Sour Cherries--------------------------July
Peaches----------------------------------------------August and September
Apples-----------------------------------------------August through October

Next time at the farm inquire how you can store these great New Hampshire grown fruits so that you can “Buy Local” all year long!